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Upward Bound Associate Director - Gabrielle Mitchell

Hi, I'm Gabrielle Mitchell the Associate Director at Upward Bound GW! Originally from New York, I attended The University at SUNY Albany (Go Great Danes!) and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communications. I have also lived in Philadelphia for some time, with a final stop in Washington DC! I am passionate about the "people" in my work and love supporting young people to reach their goals. I have found that empathy and genuine support can go a long way when offering guidance.

As a former Upward Bound student myself, I visited GWU many years ago in hopes of supporting this campus and the surrounding community, and am now here doing just that! Meaningful service is an aspect of my work that I find to be extremely important and I am excited to further the mission of Upward Bound right here in our nation's capital!

When I'm not working I love relaxing in any form that I can get it. My favorite activities would be reading (nothing of actual substance), attending concerts, eating out/trying new foods, and watching dramas. I have a ton of niche interests so feel free to say hello if you see me, I'm sure we'll have something to talk about!

I am a firm believer that you can learn from anyone no matter how young or old they are because education is the most powerful tool you will ever receive.


Program Coordinator - Quentin Pair

My name is Quentin Pair and I am the program director at GWU-SMHS Upward Bound. I was born in Washington DC (ironically, in George Washington hospital) and spent the majority of my life in Hyattsville Maryland. I went to Northwestern High School and graduated with the class of 2005. I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking. After graduating college I began working in Prince George's County Public Schools as a paraprofessional/assistant teacher, as well as finding a deep passion for coaching both boys and girls soccer on the middle and high school levels, leading my teams to multiple championships in the process. During this time I've also been working with Upward Bound as an English instructor. 

Some cool things to know about me: While I don't have a favorite movie per se I love the superhero genre of movies. I love the standard marvel and DC brands of superheroes but I also enjoy fringe stories that aren't a part of the mainstream awareness, for stories about human beings with extraordinary powers that aren't necessarily trying to be heroes. Movies like Bright Burn, Watchmen, or Jumper are my favorites.
My favorite vacation spot is easily Hawaii. I've been three times in the last five years and it is absolutely my spiritual home. If I could, I would grab all of my friends and family and move them there. It is very much a paradise, especially if you love outdoor activities as I do. The best concert I've ever attended was The Foreign Exchange at the Howard theater. Even though I stood for over 3 hours, it was totally worth it to see my favorite music group jam out to some of the best music I've heard in life. I went home sore but totally happy.


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