Meet Our Team

Upward Bound Instructors

Maxim Vickerie

Mr. Maxim E Vickerie

Occupation: Manager, High Impact Tutoring

Hometown: Adelphi, MD via Georgetown, Guyana

Why: Outside of the "traditional school", Upward Bound has been the one place where I get to share my love of mathematics with students who are just as interested in the subject. In addition, there's a level of fun in the learning that makes the time pass by quickly without feeling like it's a drag.

Looking forward: I'm looking forward to this group of scholars maximizing their potential for greatness through the staff who encourages them to be fearless going after their goals.

Rodney Parker

Rodney Parker

Occupation: 2nd Grade Teacher

Hometown: Gadsden, Alabama. My educational journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Alabama A&M University in 2007. In 2020, I furthered my academic pursuits by earning a Master's degree in Institutional Leadership from the University of West Alabama. With 16 years of experience in the field of education, I am dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of students.

Chandra Fleet

Chandra E. Fleet

Occupation: Assistant Principal

Hometown: Temple Hills, MD

Why did you choose to work for Upward Bound? As an educator, my goal has always been to provide students with opportunities to increase their skill set around academic content to ensure they are prepared for the next steps life brings. Having this goal, directly aligns to the work being done in Upward Bound. Therefore, I chose to work with Upward Bound to shift my focus beyond the students I see daily, and to support students within a neighboring area closest to my hometown to ensure they receive the same opportunities that prepares them for postsecondary success.

What are you looking forward to? When I think about my journey with Upward Bound, I am looking forward to building relationships with students and continuing to provide them with specific skills for their academic toolkits for success in school and postsecondary opportunities.

Upward Bound Tutors

Adriana Martinez

Adriana Ginorio Martinez

Age: 18

Major: Undecided, pre-med track

Classification: Freshman

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why did you choose to work for Upward Bound? I chose to work for Upward Bound because I believe in the same things they stand for. I love the program’s ideals and morals. I truly enjoy having an impact on students and it fulfills me to see the students succeed.

Why do you like tutoring? I like tutoring because I truly enjoy learning, and I love helping other people learn new things. I love sharing knowledge with students and seeing them triumph in their learning goals.

What are you looking forward to? I’m most looking forward to graduating college and getting into medical school in Puerto Rico to continue my premed track to become a doctor in Puerto Rico. Before I get there though, I’m looking forward to succeeding in college and keep on being an Upward Bound tutor and helping others.

Asha Hickok

Asha Hickok

Age: 21

Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences w/ Criminal Justice minor

Classification: tutor

Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

Why did you choose to work for Upward Bound? I’ve worked with UB in my home state previously and was excited about the opportunity to work with the program again in a new setting!

Why do you like tutoring? It allows you to better understand the unique ways people approach learning.

Mikayla Chalmers

Mikayla Chalmers

Age: 19

Major: Biology major, psychology and chemistry double minor

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Why did you choose to work for Upward Bound? As a proud alum of an Upward Bound program, I wanted to give back to the very community that shaped into who I am today. My goal is to make a lasting impact on the students, one that extends far beyond academics.

Why do you like tutoring? I enjoy tutoring because it allows me to genuinely connect with the students, while also discovering their passions and academic talents. I also find it rewarding to see their growth throughout the year and gain confidence in their abilities.

What are you looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to getting to know the students and forging strong, genuine connections and bonds with them.

Naomi Adigun

Naomi Adigun

Age: 20

Classification: Junior Student Tutor

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Why did you choose to work for Upward Bound? I chose to work with Upward Bound because of my past experience with tutoring students. I found that I enjoy helping others, and wanted to carry that enjoyment over into my college career!

Why do you like tutoring? I love working with students to help them achieve their goals! It is such a wonderful sight being able to see students excel in their work and be proud of the jobs they have done.

What are you looking forward to? I look forward to meeting with the students again, and being in person! It will be my first time working with the students more often in person, so I look forward to getting to know them more.